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CarCritic is a vision fulfilled for Don Vorderman, our owner and managing editor."I've spent forty years in automotive journalism and have always been troubled by the lack of frankness in the reviews in publications that have to depend on advertising money from car manufacturers.", he says. "CarCritic doesn't have that problem. The only financial support we get comes from the people who visit our site looking for the truth. And we charge them as little as possible for the information we have - just one dollar per car. Considering the money and aggrivation we can save them, it's ridiculously cheap"

"There are already plenty of places on the Internet where people can go to get information on car specifications, performance data and all the other nuts and bolts stuff. In many cases they actually use the same sources.", Don says. "What we do is quite different. We tell you simply and plainly whether we believe a car you're considering is worth the risk or not. Naturally, we're making a lot of people angry, and frankly we really don't care. Our only objective is to serve the interests of the consumer, and nobody else."

Don has been identified by one magazine as "one of America's most respected automotive journalists." Formerly the editor of Automobile Quarterly, which is widely regarded as the finest automotive publication in the world, he was also automotive editor of the distinguished Hearst magazine Town & Country for seventeen years. His contacts within the industry are without limit and he has driven and written about virtually every make of car ever put on wheels; Duesenbergs to Dodges, Hudsons to Hummers, he's been there and done them all. He is also a former executive vice president of the International Motor Press Association.

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