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The reliability data that we use to establish our evaluations of cars come from a multitude of sources. One reliability source is better than nothing of course, but several are likely to provide a more measured assessment. Our data are gathered from both within and outside the car industry. A few of them you may be familiar with, like Strategic Vision, Inc and JD Power & Associates. Others we're not able to mention because they are compiled instrict confidentiality. Together they offer a pretty solid assessment of how people feel about the cars they own. Combined with our own hands-on appraisals these result in the reviews and assessments that you will find here on our site. We pull no punches. If a car that we happen to like because of its looks, or its performance, handling, economy or whatever, also has a poor reliability record, we'll tell you in no uncertain terms. And never mind if it can leap tall buildings at a single bound, go around corners as if on rails or travel all the way to Aunt Edith's and back on a single gallon.

Those things very nice, but what concerns us more is; does it need frequent attention for one or another complaint that never really seems to go away? Is something always getting out of alignment? Does it need to have this or that replaced a little too often? Does the dealer say "They all do that" when you complain about it? Does its reputation seriously undermine its resale value? In short, is it reliable? If it is, or if it isn't, we're here to let you know.

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