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We receive complaints from dealersall the time of course, and the argument is almost always the same;"You can't accuse all car dealers of being liars and cheats just becauseof a few bad apples."  Our responseis, "Yes we can."

Going back into the early part ofthe last century car dealers have been repeatedly ranked at the bottom ofsurveys that evaluated how various professions were regarded by the public. Itdoesn't seem to matter how far back you go. The rankings of car salesmen hasalways been the same - at the very bottom.

One of the most recent of thesestudies was by the Gallup firm, the results of which were released just lastDecember. It divided various professions into twenty-one categories andrevealed how Americans felt about them. Nurses and grade school teachers werethe most respected. Business people of one stripe or another and small bore politicianswere rated across the middle and car salesmen were once again judged to be deadlast. They were ranked lower than lawyers and congressmen.

How did car salesmen ever get sucha bad rap? They earned it. They earned it by becominginfamous for habitually putting their customers at a disadvantage and lyingabout whatever, whenever, just to nail down the sale. And then assuming awounded innocence when their chicanery was exposed. People need all the supportthey can get today because they know they're entering hostile territory when buyingor leasing a car.

With the arrival of the Internetand freer access to information that was once closely guarded, car salesmen arefinally having to face the consequences of their double dealing. Nobody truststhem now,  nor should they be trusted.Alert consumers have the upper hand today, and we say it's about time.

Our website can give you access toa package of information that simply hasn't been available before. We can'tcover all the bases for you  but we cancertainly help you avoid making a mistake when choosing your next car.

Don Vorderman
Editor and Publisher

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