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For Better and For Worse

Here are the results of a survey sponsored by Morgan Stanley that were released to the press a while ago. It revealed how far off the mark the American public's perception of an automobile's quality can be. This study showed for instance that the vaunted Land Rover, long the darling of yuppiedom, was really bad news for the those who had bought into the myth of its high-class image. It was, in simpler terms, a real disappointment. On the other hand, the Mercury brand, an offshoot of the Ford line with little identity of its own nowadays, turned out to be the most unappreciated make sold in the US. Once they got them their owners were really surprised by how much they liked them. The American humorist Josh Billings had this all figured out over a hundred years ago. "The trouble with most folks today ain't so much ignorance", he once said, "as it is knowin' so many things that ain't so."

Below is a tabulation of the results of the Morgan Stanley survey.

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